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Thank You, Front Page Radio!

January 16, 2009

Just got off the phone with Dominique DiPrima, Luis, and the conscious people of Los Angeles (indeed the world with

We had a powerful discussion about the Oscar Grant III case. I appreciate being able to come on and speak the truth about the mobilization that has taken root in Oakland and spread across the country. Special shout to Davey D of KPFA and Dereca Blackmon of CAPE (Coalition Against Police Execution).

I highlighted the need for national police reform at the federal level, effective community engagement, and the abysmal leadership failure in Oakland surrounding this case. We also noted that individuals are taking freedom of expression to a new level by documenting misconduct on their phones and mini-cams. Devices made for our entertainment have become powerful tools in the pursuit of justice; for accuracy in reporting.

Because of the forethought to shoot footage, and the courageous work of everyday people, Oscar Grant’s murder is a global story. I doubt that his killer, ex-BART officer Mehserle, would have been charged with murder without it.

Here’s to a post-racial police system worthy of a post-racial America at the dawn of the Age of Obama.

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