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SISTER SWANS: Helen Little

June 17, 2009

Helen Little
Midday Personality
106.7 Lite FM – WLTW

Helen Little Bio Pic 08

1. What are you working on right now?
I’ve been blessed to expand my broadcast territory and I’m now on over 20 other stations across the country. I can be heard on the weekends in various markets and via the iPhone with the iHeart radio application  on the soft rock channel. I’m also working on turning writing into an additional career. And my newest interest is in real estate investing. 

2. What book(s) are you reading?
 Tax Wise Business Ownership by Toby Mathias, Zero Debt by Lynette Khalfani-Cox , The Bible 

3. Share something you do for work that’s harder than it looks.
My work isn’t really hard at all. And when you love what you do even the stuff that is hard, isn’t as hard. Probably one of the biggest challenges is explaining to listeners how the music is picked and programmed on the radio station. Many people still thing that the person they hear on the microphone is the one that picks the music and most often it isn’t. 

4. Describe a moment of sweet vindication.
I’m motivated by people who think I’m not capable. I love being told I “can’t” do something. Early in my career a consultant at the station where I was working told me in our first meeting, “I don’t know why the PD hired you. You don’t sound like nothing.” Instead of correcting him and saying “No, it should be you don’t sound like anything,” I just worked hard and prove him wrong. Many years later I was working in New York and I got to pull the feathers from his mouth.

It was also said to me when I was working in Dallas TX, “What makes you think you can get a job in New York? Everyone wants to be in New York.” Well, actually I didn’t because I didn’t like snow. But I’m still here and they aren’t. And I still don’t like snow! 

5. What’s the most dangerous aspect of the waters you navigate?
I’m very opinionated so keeping it to myself at times is important. Also, having a clear understanding of the business of radio as it is TODAY. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of old thinking. But the reality is that it’s a new world and the consumer has dramatically changed since the onset of my career. 

6. Name two places you call home.
Bucks County Pennsylvania and North Carolina. 

7. Who are your influences?
My parents and my siblings. I had great examples at home. 

8. What is your favorite creative food?
Learning! Yummy! I swallow it whole! I love learning something new and can get a little greedy with it at times. I’m stuffing myself with knowledge on real estate investing. It’s deliciously fascinating. Also writing.  I love words. Aside from being tasty they can say so much it you know how to use them and take advantage of the vast variety of them we have. I also like fried chicken and watermelon. LOL! 

9. What is your guilty pleasure?
Real estate, people watching and making up their stories while observing them, driving very fast,my little patio garden of fresh vegetables, and SMILEY FACES! OMG I love them!!!!!!!!