BeyonJay: Black Love On Top

BET Awards '06: Partners At Every Stage

This post is really a quick congratulations to King B and Young Hov on expecting their first child. I tend not to swerve into gossip blog lanes but I couldn’t help notice how fast the attention came away from Kim Humphries’ recent wedding! When it comes to big news, the biggest entertainer since the incomparable Michael Jackson (yeah, I said it long before her husband did-click here) runs the celebrity media world!

With one embrace of her bump in her gorgeous red gown on their black carpet, Beyoncé turned the VMAs into the BeyMAs.

Who Run The World? This mother to B!

She capped off the night with a sweet, sexy rendition of “Love On Top” in custom D&G maternity trousers. When the last note rang, she dropped the mic, popped open her tuxedo jacket, and rubbed her belly, smiling from ear to ear. In a cynical, star-obsessed world depressed by the global economy, it’s great to see what comes across (to me anyway) as authentic wedded bliss and maternal joy, without the hazy glare of a reality show’s filter. It’s also wonderful to have a model of a woman who excelled in her career, married, and got pregnant (please stop saying “knocked up”–that’s for jumpoffs and accidents) in that order.

Black Love On Top

In the wings, Jay-Z was an exuberant proud papa watching his wife and unborn child, clearly over the moon. He’s ready to be a present, powerful father, ready to break the cycle of fatherlessness he experienced and Decoded for us in his memoir. May all his fans who stay in that deadbeat baby daddy loop be freed by his example and step their game up. May all the good dads out there be encouraged, knowing that a new member is joining their ranks to shine a light on the good they do that goes largely unnoticed simply because they aren’t famous.

Cheers to the parents-to-Bey! Here’s to a happy, healthy baby–and Black Love on top!

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3 Responses to “BeyonJay: Black Love On Top”

  1. Kim Says:

    Great article! So proud of them!!!

  2. Robz J Says:

    Nice article Thembisa & true sentiments fa sho!

  3. Dr. Goddess Says:

    Thank you so much for this article! It’s really positive, uplifting and you place the whole “order” of birth issue (love, marriage, children) within a healthy and welcomed context, instead of promulgating the myth that other Black women, in particular, don’t and have not had or wanted love, marriage and children—in that order—in their lives.

    I also love your discussion of simply how HAPPY Beyonce appears to be. It’s just wonderful to see a Sister, a woman, a human being THAT happy to be in love and to be giving birth. I see no greater gift than a woman at peace giving birth and with all of the necessary security and provision for that child.

    It’s a beautiful thing and you captured all of it in your post. Thank You So Much!

    Keep writing! I’ll keep visiting! xoxo

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