Put Your Dreams First: Handle Your [entertainment] Business Cover Debut



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20 Responses to “Put Your Dreams First: Handle Your [entertainment] Business Cover Debut”

  1. Aliya S. King Says:

    Love it!! Love it. love it. love it. The end.

  2. yourdreamsfirst Says:

    Thanks Aliya! It means a LOT coming from you!

  3. Trina Cook Says:

    Looks great! Nice and clean, and conveys the message.

  4. (mom) Stephanie Says:

    Greetings Thembisa,

    Daughter, it seems I’m always at a loss for words to convey how very proud I am of you in every aspect of your life. If I say; “WOW!” It might suggest surprise – and I’m not. If I were to say; “Congratulations, well done!” That would be a classic example of understatement. If I say, “You go girl!” It would be cliché. And I believe that expression is played isn’t it? :0)

    Dear one, I hope you know how much I treasure you, and that I balance my desire for more frequent contact, with my admiration for your ability to love from a far.

    So how about I say; “Thank you!” For you are truly a gift form the Most High, to all you have touched up to this moment, and will touch through this project, and those to come.

    Call when you can, my love to our men.

    Love and light – Mom Stephanie (510)351.2171

    PS: Now I’ll go place my order.

    The scope of the impact that your book will

  5. chris Says:

    Wow! I REALLY love it. Great colors, bold and clean – exciting look. Really wonderful, accessible design.

  6. Cal' Says:

    Congrats Cousin! It’s hot and I can’t wait to read it.

    That mic reminds me a time or two way back when, when I jumped on my friend’s table, grabbed a pen, brush or whatever I could find – to get my RUN DMC on! Great job.

  7. Arlinda Says:

    There’s no greater feeling, than knowing that you’ve handled your business correctly! I am overjoyed when I see someone wake up from their dreams and live in them. Continued Success Thembisa /

  8. Dr. Tany Sutera Says:

    Congratulations Thembisa on this wonderful accomplishment, I know it’s been a long time coming. Best of luck to you and you wonderful family in all your future endeavors.
    -Dr. Sutera

  9. P.Way/ESCO Says:

    Yo Yo Yo!!!! WOW. Its finally here.
    Just wanted to acknowledge your milestone achievement, and to say thank you for sharing your experience, words, and wisdom with the world at a time when they are SOOOO needed. Truly a heavy-weight power move T. You have always been a shining star, but this book is going to put you in the spotlight more than you have ever been thus far. Are you ready for the ride!!??? Of course you are, this is destiny.
    Much love.

  10. yourdreamsfirst Says:

    Wow, thank you everyone! I wanted a clean cover that stood out and was appealing to the senses at the same time. You’re all too kind. Spread the word and tell everyone this makes a great gift for people with interest in the business, especially students and performers. The link is in the next post beneath this one 🙂

  11. Aliesh Pierce Says:

    Hey T.
    This cover is the perfect manifestation of your vision. And again, this is just the beginning. I look forward to sharing this guide to other industry professionals.

  12. monique martin Says:

    it’s REAL!!!! Congrat’s T, I am so honored to be in such amazing company. This book is necessary and vital – let’s get it crackin’. I am pre-ordering my copies today.

  13. Nasty-Nes Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I want to book you on one of my RAP ATTACK DJ CONF CALLS sometime in March or April! Lemme know.

  14. duncansmithn Says:

    I love it! You really have worked hard!

    You really deserve it.

  15. Nikki A. Hester Says:

    WOW, its finally here!! I’m so happy to see the fruits on your labor finally being realized. This book is so necessary and I wish you the best for your accomplishment and continued success in all your endeavors.

  16. A. Greene Says:

    Congrats! The cover looks amazing and I’m sure the content is even better. Job well done.

  17. Chenese Bean Says:

    Thembisa I’m so proud of you girl. Congratulations!!!


  18. Jamillah Jones Says:

    How could I not love an iced out microphone? Btw, I’m adding HYEB to my sayings in ’09. I hope to collaborate with you soon.


  19. smallmediumlarge Says:

    love the cover, love the voice. congrats girl!

  20. Echo Allen Says:

    My Goddess Sistah!

    You have out done yourself! I am extremely proud to read your work and to say you are my sistah friend. Your writing captivates me, your words stimulate my mind and your honesty opens up my soul! The music industry and the world needs to be proud of your existence. It’s about time we have another powerful woman take a stand for the TRUTH! I want you to speak at my new Seminar, called “You Go Goddess” lets talk.
    Love Goddess Echo

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